We know how important it is to provide high quality, curriculum based education that equips young people for the realities of their life.

Why not find a school in your area and see what their staff and students have to say about working with us?

North West Endorsements

Staff say…

It’s so important for us to highlight this very important part of the curriculum and it’s a pleasure to partner with Respect Me to do so. We want students to have all they need to make informed choices about their surroundings and future. The sessions delivered by Respect Me were thoroughly engaging and interactive which allowed students to put themselves in the centre of each situation and take advice where they need to.

(Martin Davies, Head of School,
Rayner Stephens, Dukinfield )

Sessions were all so informative, engaging and enjoyable. Something to take away from each session for ALL involved. Staff and students left with thought provoking advice and guidance.

(Chelsea Byrom, Teacher of Maths,
Mossley Hollins, Mossley)

What an absolutely fantastic session. Seeing our students come out of their shells and throw off their inhibitions and get involved was wonderful. It impacted both staff and students.

(Lyndsey Leech, Director of Learning for Personal Values
Great Academy, Ashton)

St. Christopher’s, Accrington, has been privileged to partner with Respect ME to deliver a pilot of Project 5, a brand new, exciting resource for schools, which represents the complete package for pupils from Year 7–11. Over the course of an academic year, Emma and the team deliver a high energy, top quality, utterly relevant, and potentially life-changing session for every child in the school, with age-appropriate themes, carefully chosen to make maximum impact on pupils’ contexts. The team are highly skilled in engaging and connecting with young people, and the nature of Project 5, involving repeated visits to the school, enables relationships of trust to build over time. This is a much needed resource for our time and represents genuine value for money. Our pupils now look forward to their time with Respect ME as a real highlight of the calendar. I thoroughly recommend them to others without reservation.

(Christian Pountain, Head of RE & Director of Spirituality,
St. Christopher’s Church of England High School, Accrington)

The students involved found these sessions to be extremely engaging and enlightening. We felt that sensitive issues were challenged and discussed in a frank yet approachable way without the students feeling awkward or embarrassed. Having this material delivered by you rather than school staff made the students able to be more open and honest with their opinions regarding sex and relationships. We had feedback from one parent who said that this was one of the best intervention sessions that school had ever held and that we should do more of these in the future.

(Emma Geddis, Senior Head of Year,
Cheadle Hulme High School)

Respect ME’s recent visit to Congleton High School most certainly captured the interests of our students. By using a range of media and teaching strategies including the use of film clips, games, role play and discussion, the students were able to engage fully and enthusiastically with the subject matter. Whilst encouraging the students to consider the Christian perspective, Emma and the team took a non-evangelistic tone and engaged their audience through a balance of humour and thought-provoking anecdotes. One member of staff commented, ‘The workshop was one of the best I’ve ever seen, the students were hooked.’

(Caroline Eckersley,
Congleton High School)

A massive "thank you" to those of your team who did the sessions at Ripley St. Thomas High School's PSHE day. It was so wonderful and refreshing to hear of the way you presented the sessions and also the courage that was shown in sharing personal testimony.

Ripley St Thomas High School)

Students say…

You made me feel strong and less insecure.

(Yr 7 Student
Mossley Hollins)

This session motivated me to love myself and make the right choices.

Great Academy, Ashton)

The session with Respect ME, they made it funny and I learnt that I am worth something.


My favourite part was hearing Emma and Georgia’s talk because they are both really nice, their talks are always good, and after I hear them I always feel good about myself.


Respect ME were both girls and they have experienced what they were talking about. They understood how we all feel.


Emma and Georgia’s session made me realise I can say ‘no’ to things.

(Yr 10 student,
St Christopher's, Accrington)

My favourite part was talking to Emma about sex and relationships. She made me feel beautiful even though no one has ever called me that, even though I don’t see that in the mirror.


Emma made me feel strong enough to say ‘no.’ She taught us how to love ourselves and taught us to have respect for ourselves.

(Yr 11 student,
St. Christopher’s, Accrington)

Emma Owen’s talk on sex and relationships and self-esteem [was my favourite] because I felt she communicated greatly and kept the subjects interesting. She also contributed with her own personal experiences and allowed us to participate in various activities.

(Students at a Sixth Form Spirituality Day,)

Schools we’ve worked in

  • Accrington Academy
  • Alderley Edge School for Girls
  • Altrincham College
  • Altrincham Grammar School for Boys
  • Altrincham Grammar School for Girls
  • Audenshaw School
  • Audenshaw Tameside
  • Beamont Collegiate Academy, Warrington
  • Bolton St Catherine’s Academy
  • Bramhall High School
  • Broadoak School, Partington
  • Broadoak, Partington
  • Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, Warrington
  • Cheadle Hulme High
  • Chorlton High
  • Congelton High School
  • Darwen Vale High School, Blackburn
  • Dean Trust, Wigan
  • Denton Community College
  • Ellesmere Park Salford
  • Elton High School Bury
  • Flixton Girls’ School
  • Hindley High School, Wigan
  • Hindley High School, Wigan
  • Holy Family
  • Laurus Cheadle Hulme
  • Laurus Rye Croft Tameside
  • Laurus Trust Cheadle Hulme
  • Levenshulme High School For Girls
  • Lostock College, Manchester
  • Lostock High School, Trafford
  • Lowton CE High School, Warrington
  • Macclesfield Academy
  • Manchester Academy
  • Our Lady’s RC High School, Manchester
  • Padgate Academy, Warrington
  • Padgate Academy, Warrington
  • Parrs Wood High School, Manchester
  • Poynton High School
  • QEGS Blackburn
  • Queen Elizabeth Blackburn
  • Ramillies Hall School, Cheadle
  • Ripley St Thomas, Lancaster
  • Rose Bridge High School, Wigan
  • Salford City Academy
  • St Christopher’s CE High School, Accrington
  • St Damian’s Tameside
  • St Paul’s Catholic High School, Wythenshawe
  • St Paul’s Catholic School, Wythenshawe
  • St Wilfrid’s CE Academy, Blackburn
  • St. Antony’s Catholic College, Trafford
  • Stockport Academy
  • Stockport School
  • Stonyhurst, Clithero
  • Swinton High School Salford
  • TLG North Manchester
  • The Deanery CE High School, Wigan
  • The Kingsway School
  • The Oaks Academy, Crewe
  • Trinity CE High School, Manchester
  • Tytherington School, Macclesfield
  • Wellacre Academy, Flixton
  • Wellington High
  • Wilmslow High School
  • Winsford Academy

North East Endorsements

Staff say…

They are excellent. Very engaging and they really warm to Joe. Very current information and focuses very much on the value of an individual rather than shock tactics. The feedback from our Year 11 students was excellent.

(Abigail Makin,
Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy)

I attended a Respect ME sixth form session on ‘Love v Lust’ and the impact of pornography. I thought it was excellent for the following reasons: Joe has built up a rapport with students over the years so they come in looking forward to meeting him again and also for discussing the serious issues he presents. He is disarmingly honest and his enthusiasm is evident. He is wanting to teach and share due to the importance of the subject. The students consequently take the content seriously and are willing to engage. Students’ views are taken seriously and students seem to feel ‘listened to’. In terms of confronting the dangers of pornography, the discussion, and teaching content was appropriate and provided much food for reflection.

(Steve Grant, Ethos & Community Coordinator,
Bede Academy)

The feedback [from students] has been great: ‘the best sex education I’ve had so far.'

(Julie Normanton, Vice Principal,
Bede Academy Blyth)

Thanks again for today – amazing buzz around it all.

(Anne-Marie Stephenson, Assistant Head Teacher,
Our Lady & St Bede, Stockton-on-Tees)

Students say…

I feel it has opened my eyes and changed my life.

(Y9 student,
Sacred Heart School)

Sex should only be part of a loving relationship, not peer pressure, or to find self worth.

(Y9 student,
Sacred Heart School)

Helped me see my worth isn't based on if someone fancies me.

(Y12 student,
Carmel College)

I loved the energy of the people giving the talk – they didn't make it awkward.

(Y9 student,
Conyers School)

All the experiences that were given helped to give more understanding.

(Y9 student,
Conyers School)

I learnt that sex is much more valuable than what is portrayed by social media.

(Y10 student,
Macmillan Academy)

Schools we’ve worked in

  • All Saints Church of England Academy
  • Barnard Castle School
  • Bede Academy
  • Carmel College
  • Christ’s College
  • Consett Academy
  • Conyers School
  • Cundall Manor School
  • High Tunstall College, Hartlepool
  • Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy
  • Macmillan Academy
  • Middlesbrough College
  • Northfield School
  • Our Lady & St Bede
  • Outwood Academy Bydales
  • Outwood Academy Ormesby
  • Outwood Academy Redcar
  • Red House School
  • River Tees Academy
  • Rye Hills Academy
  • Sacred Heart School, Redcar
  • St Hilds Church of England School
  • St Patrick’s Catholic College
  • St Peter’s Catholic College
  • The Kings Academy
  • Thornaby Academy
  • Trinity Catholic College
  • Wellfield School

Yorks & Humber Endorsements

Staff say…

Respect ME delivered a highly engaging message to the students for our Project 5 day with students. The messages are hard-hitting, but delivered in an inclusive and sensitive way so that everyone is engaged. The resources are relevant and regularly updated and it’s great to know that so much statutory RSE content is covered. Students were very positive about their lessons!

(Mrs. Muthiah, PSHE Co-ordinator,
Trinity Academy, Doncaster)

You spoke to our students on our recent Character and Culture Day in a way that made them feel empowered and firm in their sense of self worth. Isn't this what schools are all about? We were, as you know, a little wary of hosting a faith charity in a diverse school, it isn't something we regularly do due to the school context. Thank you for being patient with our questions and for working through it with us. The way you supported in framing the material I wanted students to access was really very helpful and appreciated. I am certain that our students, in all year groups, will have left the RespectME presentations thinking that little bit more about their own important sense of self-worth as well as the support around them from those that love and care for them. All young people need to hear that simple message. I would love to work with you again in the future, our students have benefitted hugely from the work that you so skillfully do in schools.

(Joanna Whetsone, PSHE Lead,
The Hayfield School, Doncaster)

We have used Respect Me a few times now and each time, the positive feedback from all stakeholders (staff, students and parents) has been extremely positive. Lydia delivers challenging content in an appropriate yet thought proving way, engaging the students well. Resources are of a high standard and excellent communication makes them a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!”

(Samra Mirza, Inclusion Leader,
Immanuel College, Bradford)

Lydia is never afraid to ask the most difficult questions head on. The sixth form conference that she led for us on Lust v Love was spectacular with hard-hitting discussions on pornography and its consequences. I would recommend Respect ME without hesitation if you want a programme that stimulates discussion and helps your students make some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

(Claire Porter, former Head of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics,
Trinity Academy, Doncaster)

That lesson was inspirational and the best thing I’ve seen on the topic. I’ve never seen Y11 so quiet!

Abbey Grange C of E Academy, Leeds)

Students say…

I’ve realised that I can speak to people that I trust about the people I feel are bullying me.

(Y8 student,
Notre Dame High School)

I know now that real girls aren’t perfect, and perfect girls aren’t real.

(Y7 student in Self-Esteem lesson,
Outwood Academy Danum, Doncaster)

Lust is about what you can get for yourself, selfish… love is about the other person.

Abbey Grange Academy, Leeds)

I enjoyed this session; it was calm and solved some of my own personal problems.

(Y8 student,
Notre Dame High School)

Schools we’ve worked in

  • Abbey Grange Academy, Leeds
  • Airedale Academy, Castleford
  • Archbishop Trinity Academy, Hull
  • Bradford Christian School
  • Bradford Forster Academy
  • Castleford Academy, Castleford
  • Fir Vale School, Sheffield
  • Immanuel College, Bradford
  • Moor End Academy, Huddersfield
  • Notre Dame High School, Sheffield
  • Outwood Academy Danum, Doncaster
  • Rossington All Saints Academy, Doncaster
  • St. Bernard’s Catholic High School, Rotherham
  • TLG Bradford
  • TLG Wakefield
  • The Hayfield School, Doncaster
  • Trinity Academy, Doncaster

West Midlands Endorsements

We’ll be adding endorsements from this area soon.

East Midlands Endorsements

Staff say…

The students have felt confident and relaxed with Lydia’s friendly and enthusiastic approach and have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Lydia is presenting a number of lessons across the year groups, through the schools new RSE Curriculum, which offer the professionalism, strength and kudos to a scheme of work at the correct level. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Respect Me and the value and impact, these inspiring talks has to our school.

(Mrs. Jo Priestner, PSHE Lead,
Banovallum School, Lincolnshire)

The session was phenomenal. Lydia was so engaging, interesting and informative. The students engaged totally and really thought about the areas being talked about. It opened their eyes to what is acceptable and also to what is legal, and also see how they must value themselves and they are good enough as they are. The link to faith not only got the message across but also showed them how faith is within the loving aspect of relationships. Respect ME was exactly what the young people needed to hear at a level that they can connect with.

(Helen Levey, Subject Leader Of RE
Saint Peter and Saint Paul Catholic Academy, Lincolnshire)

You were so amazing in how you delivered the session and just held the whole class for the whole lesson, I was just in awe. At the end of the session, I just had one word, that was 'Wow!'

(Luke Wigston, Senior Relationships and Sex Education Support Worker
Grace Foundation)

Students say…

This lesson (Pornography) has changed the way I look at this industry, now it feels dirty.

Trinity Academy)

It’s unfair we are shown perfect images in the media, we don’t look like that and can’t do.

Lincoln Minster School)

Schools we’ve worked in

  • All Saints Catholic Academy, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
  • Banovallum School, Horncastle
  • Caistor Grammar School, Lincolnshire
  • Ecclesbourne School, Derbyshire
  • Elizabeth Woodville School (North), Northampton
  • Elizabeth Woodville School (South), Milton Keynes
  • John Spendluffe Technology College, Alford, Lincolnshire
  • King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth
  • LSST Priory Academy, Lincoln
  • Lincoln Christ Hospital School, Lincoln
  • Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln
  • Lincoln University Technical College, Lincoln
  • Lord Grey Academy, Milton Keynes
  • Melior Community Academy, Scunthorpe
  • North Kesteven Academy, Lincoln
  • Rushden Academy, Northampton
  • Sir Robert Pattinson Academy, Lincoln
  • Skegness Academy, Skegness
  • St Peter & St Paul Catholic Voluntary Academy, Lincoln
  • William Farr School, Welton, Lincolnshire

Wales Endorsements

Staff say…

The team are organised, friendly, and extremely accommodating. The lessons they deliver are professional, engaging, and include student interaction tasks, videos, and age-appropriate activities. I would highly recommend lessons from the team at Message Wales.

(Rhiannon Morgan, PSE Co-ordinator,
Radyr Comprehensive School)

The session that I observed from was absolutely brilliant.  They were engaging, current and so supportive in the way that they delivered their session. Captivating 14/15 year old pupils is a challenge in itself, but the pupils were so engaged in the content that was being delivered. The presentation was well presented and delivered in such a lovely manner. The pupils felt comfortable to interact with the providers and learnt extremely important life lessons.

(Head of Year 10
St John Baptist High School)

The self-esteem workshop was extremely successful with our Year 7 cohort. It was fantastic to see pupils engaged in all activities and they showed a real interest in all stories shared. Thank you for your brilliant delivery of such an important topic. Diolch yn fawr!

(Abigail Evans, PSE Lead
Ysgol Dyffryn Aman)

'The course content and delivery was first class and so important to the pupils.'

St John the Baptist, Aberdare)

Students say…

‘It was amazing being able to talk about how we’re really feeling’

St John the Baptist, Aberdare)

‘I’ve learnt about my own worth and it was great to talk freely without judgement’

St John the Baptist, Aberdare)

Schools we’ve worked in

  • Abersychan School
  • Afon Taf High School
  • Brynmawr Foundation School
  • Brynmawr High School
  • Caerleon High School
  • Cyfarthfa High School
  • Idris Davies School
  • Islwyn High School
  • Llantwit Major High School
  • Lliswerry High School
  • Mary Immaculate High School
  • Pen Y Dre High School
  • Pencoed Comprehensive School
  • Pencoedtre High School
  • St Cenydd Community School
  • St John the Baptist High School
  • St Joseph’s RC Comprehensive School
  • St Richard Gwyn Catholic School
  • Ysgol Dyffrn Aman
  • Ysgol Nantgwyn

Scotland Endorsements

Staff say…

Kate was excellent. The pupils really liked her and engaged with the lesson" the lesson "highlighted some very important misconceptions and the videos were excellent.

(Catriona Cranston, PT Pastoral Care
Cleveden Secondary)

5/5 the lesson was current and appropriate with a variety of medium. Kate was very engaging, empathetic, knowledgeable and credible. Class feedback was very positive… Kate delivered the session very well.

(Mr McGeehan, Language and Communication
St Luke's High School )

The Session would "definitely benefit other schools as most schools have problems with pupils on social media… resources were excellent for the lesson and explained the dangers of on-line activity.

(PC Watt, Campus Officer
Cleveden Secondary)

I can see all Glasgow City Council wanting this training… it was accessible, informative, hitting required HWB outcomes.

(Ms Gennings, PT Pastoral Care
Lochend Community High School)

This was a brilliant lesson. We would love to work with you again in the future.

(Mrs Neil, PT Pastoral Care
Lochend Community High School)

5/5, Tone and manner were spot on for age and stage… I liked the interactive elements inviting questions and audience participation.

(Mrs Fagan, PT Pastoral Care
Dumbarton Academy)

5/5 for content and delivery. The session “raised awareness of the mis-information of pornography… the resources and media used were excellent.

(Mrs Ferguson, PT Pastoral Care
Hillpark Secondary School)

Schools we’ve worked in

  • Cleveden Secondary
  • Dumbarton Academy
  • Hillpark Secondary School
  • Lochend Community High School
  • Our Lady and Saint Patrick’s
  • St Luke’s High School