Booking Information

Lesson timings:

60mins – 2 hours

No. of pupils seen:

Anywhere from a small class to a whole year group

Lesson requirements
  • Tutors located in the same space for all lessons where possible

  • Access to audio/visual equipment: projector, screen & speakers (tutors will bring their own laptop & adapters)

  • Appropriate staff numbers to student ratio

  • Lunch for each tutor where possible

Two weeks in advance we will require:
  • Schedule for the visit with timings

  • Class profile


Respect ME is a touring national and international team. Our teams are based in locations across the UK (North West, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside) and in Cape Town, South Africa. We also have a school’s team that can deliver our program in Scotland too.


Prices listed below are all inclusive of VAT at the current rate. Travel expenses are additional and will be charged at the current HMRC rate of 45p per mile from your tutor’s location. Toll charges may also be added where appropriate.

Project 5: £1,600 (+ VAT)

Project 5 age-appropriate lessons for all pupils in Y7-11 delivered on up to 5 full school days across one academic year as per your school’s preference. For example, lessons can be delivered on a ‘carousel’ system whereby a year group is seen in smaller groups throughout one day. Or the same lesson could be delivered to a whole cohort in a hall for a single lesson of up to 2 hours. The price remains the same whichever delivery you choose.

Boys or Girls Course: £125 (+ VAT) per session. Full course: £750(+VAT)

The boys and girls course each consist of six sessions for small groups of approximately 8-10 boys to help facilitate more authentic discussion and trust. Each session has a fixed price.

Fixed daily rate: £400(+ VAT)

Outside of Project 5, if you want to book a team for additional lessons either for the day or just a couple of hours, you will be charged a fixed daily rate.

Taster session: FREE

All new schools are entitled to one free taster session of their choice, for the cost of expenses only. This includes up to two hours tuition with one class or year group.


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