Welcome To The Respect ME Tour

We are thrilled to be partnering with your school and together taking steps to inform, equip and empower your students to make healthy choices around Self Esteem and Relationships.

Our engaging and inspirational multimedia presentations are lots of fun for your students and include games, activities, media and personal stories of hope, all the while presenting a serious and important message.

RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) is now a compulsory part of secondary education. We believe we are uniquely placed to provide RSE and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education that cares for the whole child, promoting a healthy sense of self, positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. All of our tutors are fully trained by Esteem. All our lessons include signposting to sources of information and support.

How It Works

Now that we have confirmed your booking, please complete your online booking (if you’ve not already) confirming your timetable. 

Our aim is to deliver age appropriate lessons to every student in your school, so please choose from a one day booking where our team can deliver one hour lessons for each year group back-to-back in your hall, or a two day booking where we deliver our extended, in-depth sessions to ensure a greater understanding of these sensitive topics allowing time for Q&A’s. (See example timetables below)

One-Day Timetable

Period 1 9:00–10:00Year 7 Self Esteem
Period 2 10:00–11:00Year 8 Bullying
Period 3 11:20–12:20Year 9 Relationships and Sex
Period 4 13:00–14:00Year 10 Positive Relationships & Sexting
Period 5 14:00–15:00Year 11 Abusive Behaviours

Two-Day Timetable

Period 1 & 29:00–11:00Year 8 Bullying
Period 3 & 411:00–13:00Year 10 Positive Relationships & Sexting
Period 514:00–15:00Year 7 Self Esteem Part 1
Day 1 Example
Period 1 & 29:00–11:00Year 9 Relationships and Sex
Period 3 & 411:00–13:00Year 11 Abusive Behaviours
Period 514:00–15:00Year 7 Self Esteem Part 2
Day 2 Example

Please note: During the Year 7 lesson we will get the students to complete a self esteem shield. Please can you print one of the attached for each student.

We ask that students come straight to the hall at the start of each session, and any registration takes place there to maximise our time with the pupils.

Equipment And Access

On the day, our team will arrive around 45 minutes before the first lesson and access will be required to the main hall.  

We will need access to a projector and screen and if possible sound and a hand held microphone. We always bring a laptop with adapters and a speaker incase sound is not available.

All team members will require parking at the school – we will aim to keep this to maximum of two vehicles.

Our Team

Our team is likely to consist of:

  • Two presenters (if possible, one male and one female)
  • A local church youth leader
  • A student in training (observation only)

If possible, please could drinks and lunch be provided for our team members.

We will email you before our visit to confirm the names of all of our team members, their DBS numbers and any dietary requirements. 

End Concert

At the end of the Respect ME Tour there will be a LIFT concert, to which all your students will be invited. This is a regular termly event that is held in Manchester.

If you’ve already had one of our bands in your school as part of the No More Knives Tour, your students may recognise them in the promo video. We take full responsibility for the LIFT event and don’t require your staff to attend. We have been putting on concerts for over 30 years and will have First Aid, stewards and security on the door for everyone’s safety.

The team will show the promo video and give out flyers in all lessons however, if you are able to help promote this concert we can send you the video and a letter addressed to parents via email before our team comes to your school. 

Press And Photography

We are keen to get media coverage in the lead up to the tour which may include our team being interviewed on radio or an article in the local newspapers.

  • Are you happy for us to mention your school being part of the tour?
  • Would you be happy for us to send in a photographer and videographer during the day to capture highlights that we can use in future promotional material?

Feedback Form

Finally, at the end of each lesson we will ask the students to complete a feedback form. Please could you print off the this feedback form (one copy per student) and have them ready in the hall at the beginning of each lesson. And please ensure all students bring a pen to the lesson.

Teachers, we’d love to hear from you too. You can give us your feedback online here.

Thank you for partnering with us! We look forward to working with you.