Lesson 5: Grooming And Exploitation

This lesson builds on the principle of knowing our value and the importance of guarding ourselves both on and offline.

It is vital that girls recognise signs of grooming and exploitation to protect themselves and others and enjoy positive relationships.

Ideal for Year 9 and above.

Learning objectives

Understand the nature on child sexual exploitation inc. grooming and how this can present itself

Identify early warning signs in abusive relationships

Develop strategies to safeguard ourselves and others against abuse

Key content

  • Practical task to develop concepts of value and respect from previous lessons

  • Definition of child exploitation inc. practical examples of how this may present itself

  • Definition of grooming, exploring issues of trust and coercion

  • Personal story of hope on this topic

  • Media examples highlighting our response to grooming, ways to identify this and seek appropriate support

  • Examples of control that reflect the realities of teen life

  • Information and stats on child online exploitation

  • Exploration of effective ways to stay safe online

  • Topical vox-pops from teens around the UK

  • A Christian response to this topic inc. biblical teachings on the importance of guarding ourselves and respecting our value

  • Signposting to appropriate agencies and additional sources of support

Key curriculum themes

  • Health and wellbeing: Self-concept, Mental health and emotional wellbeing, Drugs, alcohol and tobacco, Managing risk and personal safety

  • Relationships: Positive Relationships, Relationship values, Forming and maintaining respectful relationships, Consent, Bullying, abuse and discrimination, Social influences

  • Living in the wider world: Media literacy and digital resilience

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