Lesson 2: Objectification And Pornography

Who young girls look to as their role models is crucial in shaping their values and self-esteem.

Healthy media representations of females are key to having respectful and fulfilling relationships. This lesson takes a critical look at how the media objectifies women and the challenges and risks of pornography.

Ideal for Year 9 and above.

Learning objectives

Explore cultural norms and the role of the media in influencing the way women feel and think

Identify objectification and examples of this in mainstream media

Understand the challenges and risks of pornography, it’s impact on our brain and relationships

Discuss the importance of safeguarding ourselves and knowing our value

Key content

  • Explore the influence of media in shaping our thoughts, feelings and lifestyle choices

  • Definition of objectification and examples of this in mainstream media

  • Statistics and information on girls’ interaction with pornography and the implications on self-esteem

  • A critical look at pornography; its effect on the watcher, their partner and those involved in this industry

  • Myth busting on common topical misconceptions

  • An exploration of the impact of pornography on the brain, our sense of self-worth and the objectification of women

  • Vox-pops from teens around the UK on the topic of pornography

  • A Christian response to the topic inc. biblical teachings on the importance of what we fill our minds with

  • Signposting to appropriate agencies and additional sources of support

Key curriculum themes

  • Health and wellbeing: Self-concept, Mental health and emotional wellbeing, Healthy lifestyles, Managing risk and personal safety

  • Relationships: Positive relationships, relationship values, Forming and maintaining respectful relationships

  • Living in the wider world: Choices and pathways, Media literacy and digital resilience

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