Online Safety

Young people are growing up living their lives seamlessly both on and offline.

This lesson creates valuable opportunities to discuss the opportunities, challenges and risks of living life online. Our aim is to help students, ‘learn to manage diverse relationships, their online lives and the increasing influence of peers and the media.’ (PSHE Association Programme of Study for PSHE Education)

Ideal for Year 7 and above.

Learning Objectives

Understand the importance of keeping their personal information safe online

Explore how the internet can give us a false sense of reality

Identify own value and the value of others

Key Content

  • The opportunities, challenges and risks of life online

  • Student discussion in response to topical real-life scenarios

  • Exploration of social media, its effect on brain chemistry and how we represent ourselves online

  • Statistics on cyberbullying and it’s impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing

  • Nude images and key aspects of the law relating to this

  • Practical tips on how to protect ourselves and others with a focus on gaming and meeting online contacts in person

  • A personal story of the impact of online safety that offers hope and signposting to appropriate agencies

  • A Christian response to this topic inc. biblical guidance on discernment and value

Key curriculum themes

  • Managing risk and personal safety

  • Forming and maintaining respectful relationships, Bullying, abuse and discrimination

  • Media Literacy and Digital Resilience

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