Year 7: Self Esteem

We understand that the way we see ourselves is important and can have a huge impact on our overall sense of well-being.

This lesson creates opportunity to take a critical look at the social and peer influences affecting our sense of self and encourages young people to value themselves and the qualities that make each of us unique.

Ideal for Year 7 and above.

Learning Objectives

Identify what self-esteem and body image mean

Compare and contrast differences between high, healthy and low self-esteem

Understand different pressures affecting self-esteem linked to celebrity culture, different types of media, and relationships

Explore positive qualities that make each of us unique

Key Content

  • Exploration of different types of self-esteem and the characteristics of each

  • Qualities that make each person unique

  • Discussions on family, friends and social influence and the impact they have on our self-esteem

  • Analysis of media portrayals of beauty over time and the effects of this on self-esteem and body image

  • Statistics, facts and personal stories of hope on eating disorders and the effects of these

  • Signposting to appropriate agencies and an opportunity to access support and guidance (inculuding The Lily Jo Project, Beat: The UK’s Easting Disorder Charity, and Mind)

  • A Christian response to the topic inc. the teachings of Jesus on value and self-worth

  • Opportunity to reflect on personal achievements and aspirations

Key curriculum themes

  • Self-concept, Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Social Influences

  • Media Literacy and Digital Resilience

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